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Check your partners hearing (without them noticing)

Is your partner refusing to get their hearing tested? Are you fed up of repeating yourself? Perhaps you could try out some of our discreet tests that may help highlight the need for further testing.

Cooker alarm / fridge alarm

The most common type of hearing loss is in the high frequencies. Things like cooker alarms and fridge alarms are usually in those high frequencies.

Why not try setting the cooker alarm and see if your partner notices it when it goes off? Alternatively, you could try leaving the fridge slightly ajar to see if your partner notices the beeping.

TV volume

Turn on the TV and put on something like the news where there is good dialogue. Now start turning down the volume to find the minimum level you can still hear it clearly. If your partner needs it significantly louder, this should hopefully convince them to get a test.

Call them from behind

Stand about 1-2 meters behind your partner and in your quietest voice (without whispering) call their name. This isn’t a particularly sensitive test because even with mild-moderate difficulty they will likely hear you. But if they don’t hear, this is a good indicator that they need further testing.

Cover your mouth when speaking to them

Most people will instinctively lip read, particularly when the background noise increases. Try out covering your mouth with a piece of paper or a face mask when speaking and see if they can follow along just as well.

Online hearing screen

Try and convince them to do an online hearing screen. These are surprisingly accurate tests that can give you a good indication of hearing difficulties. It will highlight the need for further testing if required.

Free portion of chips

Did you know we offer a free portion of chips when you book in for your first hearing test? It’s a great way to convince your partner to come for a nice day out in Whitstable and get their hearing tested before grabbing something from the chippy.

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