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Our Hearables

Our Hearables

When it comes to following conversations, we’ve got a solution for you that won’t require hearing aids just yet.

Hearables are a new class of hearing technology, which share many of the features of hearing aids and are perfect if you are dealing with mild hearing loss.

They’re great for helping you aid hearing in noisy environments, such as restaurants or open-plan offices, and they can also make watching TV or participating in everyday conversations more comfortable.

Hearing instrument test box

How they work

There’s no need to attend an audiologist’s appointment to set up a hearable – and you don’t need to be a tech whizz to get them to work.

You simply need to download an app on your phone and follow the instructions. The apps are very intuitive and help you to find the sound that’s right for you.

All-day comfort

Hearables look as good as they sound and can be worn comfortably all day.

Using the same technology as the most advanced hearing aids, they deliver high-definition prescription audio.

With state-of-the-art Bluetooth streaming, you can also listen to music, phone calls, and more.

Signia Active Pro
Hearables Accessories


Hearable devices provide connectivity beyond your phone.

A streamer, for example, allows you to connect to your TV, offering stereo sound while still being able to hear the person sitting next to you.

Did you know?

You probably already own a pair of hearables without even realising it.

Apple Airpods Pro can be programmed to function as hearing aids, and we can help with the setup.

We start by taking a detailed hearing test, which we then load onto your iPhone or iPad. With the results programmed in, the Airpod Pro’s adapt to your unique hearing profile to give you the best possible sound.

apple airpods pro setup

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Contact our audiologist for more information about our hearables. It’s necessary to take a hearing test before receiving a suitable recommendation.

Simply give us a call or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

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