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Our Hearing Aids

Our Hearing Aids

We know how isolating hearing loss can be and our goal is to get you back to your full hearing potential. We want you to hear that birdsong again, be able to socialise with confidence and enjoy music once more. Our hearing aids can help you to ‘enjoy every moment’ once again.

Our hearing clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art hearing aids and devices that take into account your lifestyle, budget, and hearing needs. Additionally, we offer a 75-day trial period on all our hearing aids, which allows you to test them out before making a final decision.

Widex Sheer Moment 440 hearing aid

Behind the ear hearing aids

Looking for state-of-the-art technology paired with comfort? Behind-the-ear devices are the perfect all-rounder thanks to their fit and reliability.

Approximately 80% of our clients opt for this style because it is highly customizable and can accommodate even the most active lifestyles. The option for custom fixtures and a wide range of colours allows you to hear clearly in the way that’s most comfortable for you.

Invisible hearing aids

These days, no-one needs to know you have hearing problems. Our invisible aids are perfect if you don’t want anything hanging over your ear. Just like our behind-the-ear hearing devices, you can choose the colour, size and additional features, ensuring you get the in-ear devices that suit you and your lifestyle.

Making a video call on the beach whilst wearing hearing aids.


Unlike other hearing clinics, we are not tied to any particular manufacturer. Instead, we help you to find the most suitable solution based on your needs. These are some of the manufacturers whose aids you can choose:


How much do hearing aids cost?

An independent survey by Which? identified the average price paid for a pair of hearing aids was £2,500 from the big high street chains. The cost varies depending on the technology level of the hearing aid (e.g. entry level or top of the range).

You should also take in to consideration the cost of aftercare which varies between providers.

How do I replace a lost hearing aid?

Losing a hearing aid can be an expensive accident. This is why we recommend listing your hearing aid/s on your home & contents insurance policy.

If you lose a hearing aid you can claim through your insurance. If not, unfortunately you will have to pay for a new one.

Some retailers will ask you to pay for a brand-new package with your replacement hearing aid, but we promise to only charge you for the aid you lost. No hidden extras.

Will a hearing aid restore my hearing to normal?

The use of hearing aids can make understanding speech much easier, but they cannot restore your ears’ natural functioning.

We offer group training sessions on coping better in noise for this very reason. These classes are free of charge for our hearing care club members.

How long do hearing aids last?

You can expect your hearing aids to last between three to seven years.

Hearing aids can endure a lot of wear and tear and come with at least a two year warranty but they do require regular maintenance.

We recommend you come in at least once every 6 months to give your hearing aids a thorough service.

What style of hearing aid should I choose?

It all depends on a variety of things, including your hearing loss level, ear shape and your lifestyle. We can help you to make an appropriate choice and take great pleasure in ensuring you have the hearing aid bespoke to your needs.

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