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Hearing Protection

Hearing protection

Our services go beyond hearing loss – we help you prevent future problems by protecting your ears. Loud sounds ca damage sensitive structures in your inner ear, causing noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

We offer an extensive range of custom ear plugs that are ideal for swimmers, musicians, shooters/hunters or those who work in loud environments.

Children playing at beach wearing custom swimming ear plugs

For swimming and general noise

We offer instant custom earplugs that can be taken home the same day. Made from silicone, they’re moulded to your ears, and come in either neon green or yellow. In-store earplugs are made by our audiologist and are excellent last-minute solutions.

For musicians

Whether you’re a professional musician or just play for fun, looking after your ears is crucial. Filtered ear plugs help protect your hearing without disconnecting from the feel of the music.

We offer either 9dB, 15dB, or 25dB filters. Our custom in-ear monitors are exclusively manufactured by Puretone and we are an authorised distributor.

Playing guitar on the beach
CENs hearing protection

For shooters

The CENS® Proflex DX earplugs are made specifically for shooters, providing the ultimate in comfort, performance, style, and safety.

Designed by professional shooters and technicians, these ear protectors use next-generation microprocessors to keep your ears safe and sound.


How do you make custom plugs?

We take an ear mould impression. This involves filling your ear with a soft silicone material which hardens after a couple of minutes.

Do impressions hurt?

No, an ear mould impression should not hurt. It feels slightly strange as the ear is filled up with putty but it is not an uncomfortable feeling.

Complications as a result of ear mould impressions are very rare.

Is there a guarantee?

As with all custom products, they are non-refundable but if there is a problem with the fit you have 2 weeks to come back for us to assess the problem and remake if necessary.

How long do they last?

You can expect custom hearing protection to last between 3-5 years as an adult. This may be considerably less for a growing child.

What filters do I need for musicians plugs?

9dB – Ideal for vocalists, acoustic or classical musicians & sound engineers.

15dB – Suitable for most musicians.

25dB – Ideal for rock musicians’ & very loud concerts.

What colours are there?

For our instant fit plugs we have either green or yellow. But for our more specialist plugs there is a wide range of colours and effects for you to choose from.

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Contact our audiologist for more information about our hearing protection.

It’s necessary to take a hearing test before receiving a suitable recommendation. Simply give us a call or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

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