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Earwax Removal

Safe & gentle earwax removal

Our emphasis is on providing a personalised approach to address your earwax problem efficiently and effectively, with the best care and safety. For example, we offer earwax removal services that use suction and specialised instruments to gently remove any wax build-up, without the use of any invasive methods.

We’re also trained in a range of techniques such as microsuction, irrigation, and the use of special tools. Every case will be evaluated individually and the most suitable treatment method will be recommended.

Adam performing microsuction earwax removal


The process of microsuction involves gentle suction through a fine tube to remove earwax. It’s an effective treatment for cleaning impacted ear wax. We use a powerful microscope to visualise the ear so we can do this in the safest way.

Microsuction can be performed safely without the use of pre-treatment, but we recommend softening the ear wax for 3-5 days before the appointment.


Syringing, or irrigation, is the process of flushing out annoying earwax through a controlled flow of water.

A cut above the conventional equipment found at GP surgeries, our state-of-the-art equipment can deliver exceptional results. Most people find the procedure to be very comfortable, and it’s super effective at cleaning blocked ears.

We recommend that you use olive oil in your ears for 3-5 days before your appointment.

Audiology testing room at whitstable hearing

Manual instruments

To assist in the removal of earwax, we use a variety of manual instruments. You may find this particularly helpful if you are sensitive to the sound of other wax removal methods. When removing a blockage, we often use manual instruments along with some of the other techniques.

For instance, we may use manual instruments to loosen the wax from the ear canal before using a low-pressure rinse to flush it out.


Can I remove the earwax myself?

Ear wax removal should always be conducted by a qualified medical professional. We do not recommend manually syringing your ears or using hopi ear candling solutions.

Do I need earwax removal?

If you have a blocked feeling, pressure or a sudden loss of hearing in one or both ears you may need wax removal. Sudden hearing loss can be a medical emergency, so please do not wait. Seek help immediately.

How do I stop it building up again?

Make sure you don’t put anything in your ears. Interrupting the natural cleaning process can lead to blockages. However, some people produce more wax than others, which needs ongoing management.

Does it hurt?

In most cases, earwax removal isn’t painful. With thousands of procedures performed, we are experts at conducting this procedure.

Should I use drops?

Sometimes we ask you to apply olive oil or sodium bicarbonate 3-5 days before your procedure, but we understand this isn’t always possible. It’s recommended that you leave them alone if you’ve had problems with your ears in the past.

Are there side effects?

Although they are very rare, side effects can occur. You will have an opportunity to discuss this further with your clinician before treatment begins.

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