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Hearing Test

Our Hearing Assessments

We hear you

The hearing assessments we provide are of the highest quality. During our informative consultation, we’ll get to know you and hear your needs. We’re confident that we can solve almost any hearing problem, and at the end of your hearing appointment, you’ll have a better understanding of any issues, along with a free report for you to read at any time.

We don’t sell

Whitstable Hearing focuses on providing exceptional hearing care, not selling hearing aids. Because we don’t have targets or incentives, our recommendations are never influenced by money. Being an independent hearing clinic, we can also recommend many different options and brands, so you know you’ll be getting the best solution to your hearing problem.

We take our time

We allocate 90 minutes for your hearing evaluation, so you don’t feel rushed. There are several stages to the appointment: each step is just as important as the next and will help us to identify your unique hearing profile.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a report so you can process the information and make an informed decision about your next steps.

Whitstable Hearing audiologist conducting a consultation

We give you facts

Your hearing profile is as unique as your finger print. In order to make this easier for you to understand, we’ve created our own classification system. With this system we can highlight specific needs and help you find the right hearing aids for you.

And did we mention we’re right opposite the beach?

Self-rated hearing difficulty
Measured hearing difficulty
Speech in noise score

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