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Enjoy Every Moment

Welcome to Whitstable Hearing

Whitstable Hearing is an award-winning audiology clinic, where you’ll feel fully supported and cared for during every step of your hearing journey.

From initial hearing tests to aftercare, we combine state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled core values, to deliver a unique service.

We know how debilitating hearing loss can be

Whitstable Hearing audiologist conducting a consultation

What do we offer?

Hearing Test

Wax Removal

Hearing Aids

Ear Protection

Tinnitus Support

Expert Care

When we say ‘enjoy every moment’, we mean it

Every step we take with you on your hearing journey takes you one moment closer to feeling like ‘you’ again. It all starts on the Kent coast in our hearing clinic, where you can enjoy a breathtaking sea view while we work with you.


Free portion of chips

Did you know we offer a free portion of chips when you book in for your first hearing test? It’s a great way to convince a friend or family member to join you for a day out in Whitstable. Hearing test, beach, chippy…easy.


Adam performing a hearing test

Looking for hearing aid solutions?

The Widex Moment Sheer 440 is our flagship model and is not available on the NHS.

“Once a Widex, always a Widex” is a phrase often used by audiologists. This is because of their unique approach, which offers natural sound with exceptional performance in noise.

Bring the family along for a day out at the seaside. You’ll enjoy a sea view from the clinic, receive your hearing test or treatment, then we invite you to collect your free bag of chips and enjoy the surroundings from our exterior deckchairs.

✔ Clinic with a view

✔ Award-winning team

✔ Practical advice

✔ Aftercare plans

✔ Latest technology

✔ Sound-treated test rooms

✔ Free chips

Recognised by all major insurance providers

Wax, be gone

Impacted earwax can be a pain, literally. It can hinder your hearing, affect your lifestyle and be downright isolating. At Whitstable Hearing, we get it. We use microsuction, irrigation (more commonly known as syringing) and manual tools such as forceps to get you back to your full hearing potential, all from our sea-view clinic.

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Unbundled Hearing Care

100% transparency

We believe in full transparency. With our unbundled pricing and itemised invoices, you know exactly what you are paying for.

Diamond standard of Hearing Care

Exceptional care

Our clinicians are trained to a high standard and we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we deliver flawless care.

Sound-treated test room

Sound-treated test room

We’ve invested in gold-standard hearing test rooms that are sound-treated to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Lightning fast appointments

No waiting lists

We pride ourselves on delivering first-class care in a timely fashion. We are the only clinic in Whitstable to offer a full time service.