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Tinnitus Support Group

Let’s talk about tinnitus

Our emphasis is on providing a safe, comfortable space to discuss your experience with tinnitus with other likeminded individuals. The aim of the group is to share information and coping strategies along with your goals and feelings (if you feel comfortable doing so).

The group is limited to 10 spaces per session to ensure that we do not lose intimacy. The class is free of charge and is co-facilitated by our lead audiologist, Adam Chell, along with a representative from a fantastic charity called HI Kent.

Be heard

You will have the opportunity to talk to other group members about your own experience with tinnitus. It is likely that others will have felt the same at some stage. Knowing that you aren’t alone in your experience can be a powerful healing tool.

Be informed

Understanding your tinnitus can often help with the habituating process.

The group collective has a wealth of experience of living with tinnitus and they can help you to develop healthy coping strategies.

Audiology testing room at whitstable hearing

Be present

Learning to be present and to ‘just be’ is a practice called mindfulness. At the end of each of our group sessions we take you on a guided mindfulness exercise.

The purpose of this exercise is to introduce you to the benefits of mindfulness as it can be beneficial for anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance. All of which can impact on your tinnitus experience.


Where does the group meet?

The group meets at the Revival Food & Mood Café on the high street. The address is 58 High Street, Whitstable, Kent. CT5 1BB. It is about 5 shops up from Sainsbury’s.

The café will be closed to the public and we will have exclusive use of the facilities including tea’s and coffee’s.

When does the group meet?

The group meets once every 3 months on a Tuesday from 15:00 until 17:00

Who will be there to greet me?

Adam, lead audiologist for Whitstable Hearing, and a representative from HI Kent will be there to greet you and make you feel comfortable.

Do I have to speak to the group?

Speaking and sharing information is encouraged but you can also take more of an observational role if this makes you feel more comfortable.

Rest assured, everything you share will be held in the strictest confidence.

Can the group help with medical advice?

The group is not able to provide medical advice. If you are concerned about a medical issue please speak to your GP or audiologist.

Is the group wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the café is accessible for wheelchair users.

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