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Lip Reading Class

Introduction to lip reading course – Whitstable

If you wear hearing aids but still find yourself struggling in background noise, our introduction to lip reading course may be for you.

Judi, our lip reading teacher, is a fully qualified teacher for ATLA (Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults) and leads our 6 week course at our clinic in Whitstable.

Judi has a proven track record of teaching individual and group sessions on lip reading so you will be in the best possible hands.

This 6 week course is offered free of charge to our Hearing Care Club members and is £60 for non-members.

Stay Connected

Socialising with friends and family are often our most treasured moments. But sometimes hearing loss can hold us back.

By learning skills such as recognising lip patterns and facial expressions you can be a part of the conversation again.

Build confidence

Do you feel anxious before a social event? This is not uncommon for individuals with hearing loss or deafness.

Open up your world again by learning to lip read. It will help boost your confidence at tackling those difficult listening situations.

Lisa Cox - group session on hearing strategies
Lip reading in busy restaurant

Make friends

Meeting others that have similar struggles can make you feel less isolated.

Over our 6 week course you will form meaningful friendships with your peers as you start your journey to better hearing.

Our course is limited to 8 participants per cohort to ensure the teaching remains personable and effective.


Where does the lip reading class meet?

The lip reading class meets at Whitstable Hearing, The Savoy, 5 Beach Walk, Whitstable, Kent. CT5 2BP

When does the hearing tactics group meet?

Our course runs at various times throughout the year. Check the booking link below for our latest details.

Who will be there to greet me?

Judi Pettman, the lip reading teacher and audiologist Adam Chell will be there to greet you and make you feel comfortable.

Do I need any experience at lip reading?

Absolutely not. This is an introduction to the concept of lip reading and is suitable for all levels.

Can the group help with medical advice?

The group is not able to provide medical advice. If you are concerned about a medical issue please speak to your GP or audiologist.

Is the group wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Whitstable Hearing is fully accessible for wheelchair users and has accessible toilet facilities too.

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