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Widex SmartRIC on someones ear

Widex SmartRIC Launch

On the 15th March 2024, Widex launch their new smartRIC which is a brand new form factor added to their already extensive portfolio.

Signia Silk IX rechargeable CIC hearing aid

Signia IX hearing aid launch: September 2023

On the 8th September 2023, Amy and Adam (co-founders of Whitstable Hearing) were invited to the exclusive launch of the latest Signia product portfolio at the Courthouse Hotel, in Shoreditch, London. Adam shares his insights from the day in this blog.

Impacted earwax: symptoms and treatments

Impacted ear wax is something you go your whole life not thinking about. Until you get it. Then it’s ALL you can think about. It isn’t always painful or uncomfortable, but it can be extremely annoying.

Smiling and socialising at the beach

Coping With Hearing Loss

Our brain’s ability to cope with hearing loss is nothing short of amazing. People with mild or even moderate hearing loss may feel like they have no issues. Find out why by reading this article.